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Recycling clothes- a local authority’s perceptive

The recycling van comes early every Friday morning and wakes me up as the wine bottles (not all mine) are thrown into the lorry. I live in one of four flats in an old Victorian house in Kentish Town, North London.  At the side of the house, we have 4 recycling bins and other containers … Continue reading

What makes a good screening test?

Fancy taking a screening test for cancer? Surely that’s a good idea? But first you need to understand that there’s a risk, and that it may cause you more harm than good. Cancer remains the third commonest cause of death after strokes and heart attacks. There are tests available for many cancers, and screening is … Continue reading

Migrant myth buster: Britain’s cosmopolitan reality

There is more mobility now than at any other time in world history. Latest estimates suggest that one in 33 people worldwide is an international migrant, a 37% rise in two decades.

Cheaper eyesight saving drug should be more widely used

Watching Dame Judi Dench in her latest film, you would never guess that she is suffering from a serious eye condition and risks going blind. Dench recently went public over the fact she has age-related macular degeneration and can no longer read scripts or see faces clearly – a brave move for an actor whose … Continue reading

Why your elbow is so important in the fight against flu

Dr Kate Adams, a GP, discovered some amazing truths about flu viruses that most people don’t know Why are health workers potentially putting their patients’ lives at risk? And also, why your elbow is so important in the fight against flu. Kate interviewed Professor John Oxford, a virologist and a world expert on flu viruses. … Continue reading

Would you give your kidney to a stranger?

“Being on dialysis is life changing and unpleasant physically, mentally and financially. On dialysis it feels like you are waiting to die. Your kidneys are not going to get better – you are in God’s waiting room.” Jim Smith, 60, from Cleethorpes, finally had his kidney transplant in February this year. He was first aware … Continue reading