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UK Fashion House seeks to alleviate poverty

It was Oliver Wayman’s mother who first discovered the crochet technique that creates the chain mail effect, which explains how these classic bags can be made from recycled ring pulls. The technique originated in Brazil and these bags are one of the core products of the Bottletop Fashion Company, a fashion house with a difference. … Continue reading

HIV positive Zimbabwean women design eco-bags from rubbish

The bags are colourful and beautifully crafted. It’s hard to believe that these bags have been made from recycled plastic bags that have come from a rubbish dump in Harare, Zimbabwe and that no dyes have been used. Peta Searle, a local woman is selling these bags at a Saturday flea market in Harare on … Continue reading

Following the recycled clothes from Camden to Zimbabwe

Don’t bin unwanted clothing because many livelihoods in Africa depend on the textile recycling trade- though not without controversy. On a recent visit to Zimbabwe I visited the vast indoor clothing market in Mbare. Situated in one of Harare’s high-density suburbs, it is the city’s major second hand clothing market. The market is bustling and … Continue reading

The middle men in the clothes recycling trade

“Over the years, we’ve had dead swans, dead dogs, Chinese take-aways and even a dead body left in our recycling textile bins, says Ross Barry, the managing director of LM Barry, a small family run business that acts as one of the middle men in the textile recycling trade. His father set up the business … Continue reading

Recycling clothes- a local authority’s perceptive

The recycling van comes early every Friday morning and wakes me up as the wine bottles (not all mine) are thrown into the lorry. I live in one of four flats in an old Victorian house in Kentish Town, North London.  At the side of the house, we have 4 recycling bins and other containers … Continue reading